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#3. BetUS

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

BetUS is an ambitious online sportsbook that offers large bonuses, 24/7 customer service and competitive odds on lots of sporting events. The business was founded back in 1994, and the BetUS brand has been running since 2000, so it is now a veteran of the sports betting industry.


The user experience at BetUS is pretty impressive these days. The new management team funded a sweeping overhaul of the site, and the upgrade has generated a significant improvement in the overall wagering experience. The site looks great, with a blue on gray color scheme. Some users might find it a little cluttered, as it promotes a number of bonuses on the homepage, but the BMR team liked the new layout when we tested it out.

The BetUS sportsbook site has a search function, which a lot of sportsbooks overlook, and it works well. Navigation is very simple, and there are helpful sections like “Last Minute Bets”, “Propositions & Futures” and “Contests”. The team has really worked hard to provide customers with an exciting, immersive experience. For example, it runs a podcast called BetUS Unfiltered with Warren Sapp and Colin Jones, and it releases YouTube videos previewing sporting events. There is a “Locker Room” section of the site, which features news, stats, picks and insights, and it also offers rotation schedules for football, baseball and basketball.

Bonus: 125% Free Play

Terms & Conditions Apply

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