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#5. Pinnacle

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Pinnacle is one of the most interesting online sportsbooks in the world. The main selling point is the market leading odds it offers, but it also provides a ton of banking options, a superb sports wagering platform and a really impressive online casino. It goes against the grain by eschewing promotions and marketing, but that will not concern serious bettors.


Pinnacle is a popular online sportsbook with a reputation for offering some of the most attractive odds in the business. It operates on far slimmer margins than the majority of its rivals, which means you can earn larger profits by wagering at Pinnacle Sports.

You will find reduced juice lines on many games each day, and its moneyline and prop betting odds are often market leading.

Bonus: none

(Note: Pinnacle does NOT accept players from the United States)

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